For Animal Control

As settlements and arable areas spread, conflict builds up - especially with that most majestic and venerated of animals, the elephant. 

Ecological considerations demand that man and animal live in harmony. The only way to ensure that man and beast co-exist peacefully is by erecting non-lethal high voltage electric fences, which repel intruders without harming them. Sunpower pioneered electric fencing in Sri Lanka, working together with the Gallagher Group of New Zealand, innovators and world leaders in power fencing solutions.

Most fences have to be built in remote areas where mains electricity is not available. Sunpower has used its expertise in solar technology to power the fences and related equipment.

Many hundreds of kilometres of fencing were commissioned in the 
1990-s by the Mahaweli Authority and Department of Wildlife Conservation for the new settlements in the Mahaweli region & other areas close to National Parks. These help to secure human lives, guard wildlife from human intrusion and also to bring large tracts of fertile land under cultivation. 

The applications of electric fencing have been expanding in the last few years. The emphasis today is on local management. Sunpower, along with its partners, is seeking and applying the latest available technology to ensure that fencing, once erected, is maintained properly through community participation. 

Smartpower, the latest generation of power fence energisers from Gallagher, monitors fence status and responds to changes, correcting automatically for fence condition fluctuations. It generates an alarm only when manual intervention is necessary. Smartpower technology signifies a new era in electric fence management. 

Villagers are trained to use the equipment, which is powered by solar power systems from NAPS of Finland, a world leader in solar power technology.

Voltage checks are also done with easy-to-use handheld instruments.

For Security

Cameras and motion detectors can warn you only when the intruders are already inside your premises. The Gallagher Power Fence, a system with zero false alarms, will keep them outside your boundary and frustrate their plans.

Now you can protect your property from burglars and other criminal elements by stopping them at your boundary. The electric fence can be installed on top of the existing wall or on to a chain-link fence. Electric fences are very reliable because of their inherent zero false alarms feature. The fences carry non-lethal High Voltage Electric pulses, conforming to British Standard 1722-17:2006, ensuring that absolutely no harm occurs to humans, animals or birds. They are powered by a battery. Electric fences for security are used extensively in USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. In use in Sri Lanka since 1987.

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