In the middle of the night, out on the high seas, ships set their course by lighthouse beacons.

They have to flash regularly, at the correct frequency, at just the right illumination. There is no margin of error for the advanced batteries that power them. And it's not just lighthouses. Advanced batteries start up the engines of aircraft and trains and power a host of mission critical applications.

We have gained a wealth of experience in offering alternative energy solutions - solar, wind and hybrid - for remotely located systems used in navigation and communication systems control. This has given us the technological edge and know-how to offer backup power for professional power systems. 

Our technology partners are world leaders in their fields. Working together, we provide total back-up power solutions to military, marine, communications, medical, power generation & distribution and a host of other sectors. Our solutions are fully integrated and use a combination of state-of-the-art rectifiers, inverters, UPS-s and battery banks.

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