Access Control was long considered to be a system to replace the conventional punching card for attendance procedures in Sri Lanka. Not anymore!

Gallagherís Cardax access control solution is an integrated platform which meets the needs of small single sites through to large multinational enterprise-wide installations. The system is versatile enough to meet all your security requirements. It integrates the access control system with your intruder alarm systems, CCTV cameras and motion detectors to a central hub for integrated site security, and a management information system. Cardax FT resides on an organisationís IT network and stores information about cardholders, the site, and system activity.

The system collects real time data and can be integrated with other systems whether for security management (for example, DVR and perimeter security systems), or business management (for example, facilities management and HR systems). The system design for Cardax FT is both straightforward and flexible, to enable it to meet the specification of each individual site.

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