Joint ventures with international technology leaders have always been a cornerstone of Sunpower's business strategy. 

Good ideas and great technology know no boundaries. At Sunpower, we have always believed that, whatever the application, Sri Lanka deserves the latest and the best in technology.

Right from the early days, we have scanned virtually the entire globe for emerging technologies and for technology providers with whom we could work closely. The history of Sunpower has been one of building durable, productive partnerships.

Our roster of collaborators keeps changing. That is in the nature of our business. But we would like to put on record, with pride and gratitude, the names of some with whom we have forged abiding relationships.

  • Outokumpu Technology Pty Ltd, Australia

  • NAPS Systems Oy, Finland

  • Gallagher Group, New Zealand

  • GMB Industrial Power Australia

  • Eltek, Norway

  • Better Generation Group Ltd, Hong Kong

  • Solatube Worldwide Sales, USA

  • Alex Solar, China

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